FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Your questions Our answers
Can I train on my own computer Ideally this is the best way, however we would bring a laptop with us if you preferred
Do I get any notes after my session? You are welcome to write notes or we can write notes for you
What times can I book We believe that people learn the best in short bursts of either 30 or 60 minute sessions.
What ages do you teach? Any age, Silver surfers to children who want to supplement their education
What do you charge? £25 for the first half hour or an hours session is £45
Do you charge for travelling? No; if you are within Rotherham or Sheffield
Do you do remote support? Our sessions are based in your home
Can you advise on Parental Control on my machine? Yes
Can you help me choose a new machine? We would be happy to and install it.
Do you train on Apple Mac and iPad too? Whatever device you like
Can you help me with getting songs on to my iPod, iPad and iPhone too? Of course, its your session so tailor it how you want
Can you help me see and speak to my relations and friends abroad? Yes, we can set up Skype so you can have Video and Voice calls for Free!
What fixes do you provide? We can help with spyware, malware and viruses. We can also do health checks and MOTs on your devices as well
What fixes do you provide? We can help with spyware, malware and viruses. We can also do health checks and MOTs on your devices as well
What fixes do you provide? We can help with spyware, malware and viruses. We can also do health checks and MOTs on your devices as well
What fixes do you provide? We can help with spyware, malware and viruses. We can also do health checks and MOTs on your devices as well

Limitations and Exclusions:

As an independent computer consultant providing a personal service, there are some services that I can not provide. It is mainly a question of practicality. It’s just not possible for one person to know all there is to know. At the risk of seeming to be negative, there follows a list of the main areas that I do not cover:

Hardware Repair

If you switch your computer on and nothing happens (no lights, no drive spinning up, no fan starting up) then you’ve got a hardware problem and will need to consult a hardware repair specialist.

Data Recovery

If your hard drive has failed or is failing, and your entire, unfinished, doctorate is on it and you haven’t got any backups, then you will need the services of a specialist data recovery company. If you get into this position, it’s crucial that you don’t use the computer until an expert has tried to get your data back. Seek specialist help immediately.

Support for Company Servers

Specialist knowledge is needed to maintain server-based computer networks. If this is the kind of support you need then I recommend looking for a Microsoft Certified Technician. Neither can I help very much if you are having trouble connecting to your employer’s VPN. If you are having such problems then you will need to speak with the IT technician managing the VPN. The only help I can provide in such circumstances is as a go-between – speaking to the technician on your behalf. This is not usually needed or useful, but I’m happy to do it if you are happy to pay me.

Microsoft Exchange Accounts

Most Microsoft Exchange accounts are managed by organisations that have their own computer management and support. Look to them for support with Microsoft Exchange accounts. Neither do I support Exchange accounts hosted by Microsoft.

Support for Domestic Network-enabled Devices

Want support with Sky or BT online services, or a Wi, or an X-box, or anything like that? If you would like me to help you set up such services and devices on your home network then I may be able to help, but it would be my trouble-shooting expertise and general experience, rather than specific knowledge, that might be of use to you. Also, you may appreciate having someone to deal with specific companies’ “customer support” personnel on your behalf. I am happy to do this, but, once more, my trouble-shooting skills are probably of more use than my specific knowledge.

Advanced Product Training

If you need to use Photoshop, Excel, or Word, for instance, at a professional level then my broader general knowledge of these products and how to train beginners in using them, is probably not going to be deep enough for your needs. You will need a specialist trainer in that product and not a “general consultant”.

IT Training for Groups

The training that I carry out is 1:1 and geared to the specific trainee’s needs. A very different approach is needed for training groups, where an agreed syllabus is needed. It is not efficient for a “one-man band” to develop the range of different syllabuses that would be required. I would recommend a specialist computer training company if you need several people to be taught the same material at the same time.


I do not hold clients’ passwords. I am happy to offer advice in this area, but I am not responsible for your access to your programs and data. There are several blog posts on this site that consider the use of passwords – just type “password” into the search box in the righthand column of this web page.

Website Design

Although I designed the website you are currently viewing, plus a handful more for clients, it does not make sense for me to offer web design services as this is a fast-developing specialist area. Seek out a specialist – there are thousands of them!

Social Networking Sites

I do not think that social networking sites can be trusted with personal data and I will not use them myself. Therefore, I don’t know enough about them – or feel positive enough about their benefits – to help others in an informed way. The only exception to this is that I do have a LinkedIn account and can give basic help with using this service.

The best way to find out if I can help you is to [intlink id=”521″ type=”page”]contact me[/intlink].