How To Use The Booking Form To Reserve Your Slot
1. Click the date you would like your training on
2. Scroll down and enter your name, email & what type of training you would like
3. Pick a time slot from what is available / Choose your appointment duration
4. Do you want ONE TO ONE help? We now offer both ZOOM and SKYPE tutorials (Virtual).
Or – Just select an at home appointment
5 you do not know what topic you would like choose General Training and we can discuss when we arrive. There is an option to put some notes with your booking

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How Do We Take Payment?

To reserve your appointment, once we receive your booking we will send out an invoice for you to pay in advance of our arrival. Most topics require repeat sessions to get the most out of them.  

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

If this is your first session just book one appointment for now. Most topics would ideally need more than one appointment to fully cover the range of content and subjects under each topic. We can tailor appointments to meet your needs so you can have as many or as little as you want. With some topics it wouldn’t be possible to learn everything in one hour,. As an example I have been using Photoshop for just over 20 years and I am still learning as there’s so many features evolving with every update and release.

I’ve Booked – What Happens Next?

You will receive an automatic email letting you know about your appointment, how you can send payment, which we will then confirm with you once received