If you are wanting to purchase a new mac and would like help then we offer a two visit two hour package which will hand-hold you through your new mac ownership.

If you have never had a mac before and want a short cut to the transition this is an ideal solution

We can put on for you some great software during our visit.

You might be overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. Thats where we can help

Heres what we sort out for you:

1. Visit Software Update
We will bring your software and operating system up to date to ensure any fixes and bugs are ironed out and any security issues are sorted out.

2. Fire up your own personal Time Machine
We can also get you on the path with a detail introduction to Time Machine

3. Get acquainted and make yourself at home!
Complete guide to System Preferences, which is a wealth of tweaks and settings to make that new system truly yours.

4. Set up Browser for using the internet and download controls
Maybe this one is obvious but crucial to a great browsing experience is sorting out your browser

5. Start installing the rest of your applications & data
New Macs come preinstalled with the latest OSX (operating system), but what about any other software you might have received as a gift (or even bought for yourself, in anticipation of Santa being generous)? Microsoft Office is a common new companion for a new Mac, or maybe iWork ’09 if you like to keep the Apple flag waving proudly. Even if you don’t have any other applications to install right now, you might have a digital camera loaded with pictures waiting to import into iPhoto or a pile of music CDs to import into iTunes. In our vast experience, nothing says happiness like curling up next to a new Mac and loading it up with all of your favorite stuff!

We can make loads of software suggestions — and we will install a plethora of fresh, new and useful software for your mac.

10 Apps To Install First (And They’re All Free!)

Video Converting Software
There are more expensive and complicated ways to remove applications and any accompanying files from your computer, but AppTrap keeps things simple (and cheap). Drag an application to the trash and AppTrap will ask if you want to remove the associated preference files as well. If you love it as much as we do, donate to the developer to keep it going!